P…Payoffs? #AtoZChallenge

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2015] - Life is GoodP. Just look at her. A bit like a tall lean woman with a generous chest, don’t you think?  Well I see it anyway, but I might have a strange mind.

I thought about Promotions ***BUY MY BOOK*** or Persistence, which is one of the major ingredients of success. Propriety and Passion can make for a lively discussion, since they might be thought to be at cross purposes. But I’ve been considering PAYOFF for a long time.

Oh…you thought I meant PAYOFF in terms of buying reviews and other such less than acceptable actions? No. No. I’m talking about PAYOFF in terms of reaching your goal after work and 005struggle and effort. That lovely moment when you crest a hill, having driven through miles and miles and MILES of oh so boring landscape.

PAYOFF is your reward for planting perennials, nurturing them

Did not know kale is perennial

Did not know kale is perennial

through the winter, and seeing green show up the next spring.

PAYOFF is hearing lovely bird calls in the morning and evening, possibly in appreciation for the food and water we schlep home and pass out to them.

Release date 5/9/2015

Release date 5/9/2015

PAYOFF is seeing your writing efforts ‘pay off’ with books in print.

PAYOFF is looking around at a clean house after you worked for hours getting it that way. Okay, that’s not such a great example since generally the dogs don’t let it stay that way for long!

However there’s also the PAYOFF of being able to wear that smaller dress you bought on sale years ago, ‘just in case.’ Knowing it’s not going to fit for long while you continue your healthier eating and more exercise. Just being able to get out of bed in the morning without aching all over is a payoff in itself.

In January I participated in a week long Your Turn challenge, committing myself to blogging daily for a week. Every successful post ‘shipped’ was shared on a Facebook page. Many of the writers so enjoyed reading each others work, we chose to stay together. The PAYOFF here is meeting new, talented people, reading their work.

Such as  THIS by Vanessa Lee Thomas writing about celebrating successes large and small while we go through our lives.

The ultimate PAYOFF.

Back Road to Santa Fe

Back Road to Santa Fe

And the music…how could I resist?


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3 responses to “P…Payoffs? #AtoZChallenge

  1. Thanks for the mention! Totally agree that the PAYOFF here is meeting new, talented people, reading their work. You all encourage me to keep shipping!


  2. great post! i look forward to your letter descriptions every day.

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