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Rrrrr, Rain. And Romance. #AtoZChallenge #MFRWAuthor

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2015] - Life is GoodPoor R, has to put out a prop to keep itself upright. The cursive R doesn’t look a lot different, just a few more curlicues Allura Printable Cursive Alphabet Letter R

Did you ever wonder about the origin of the term cursive? It refers to penmanship where the letters are joined together. I’ve discovered there is a wide range of possible synonyms, including longhand, script, joined-up writing, joint writing, running writing…as well as many others. AKA hens scratching and “Why didn’t you become a doctor, you have the handwriting.”

I digress. Me? Yup. R could stand for Redneck, discussed in the song

I’m betting many of you think I’d be featuring Romance.KITT CRESCENDO DID most eloquently. Why don’t I? After all I write Romance. I read Romance. What could be more important?

Glad you asked. I live in the high desert. By choice. Average rainfall is 15.16 inches. In Edgewood it’s 13.67 inches…less 033than 65% of the rest of the country. When I have a chance to write about something precious to me, it is going to be RAIN.

It does rain here. Not real often but when it comes it often shows up in deluges. And of course I’m out there with my camera because…momentous event, right? Unfortunately it’s not always easy to find in my picture files, such as they are. Here’s one from July 2012 . The view from my back door. Not going out further or I’d be SOAKED.

That large black shape is a 1500 gallon cistern. There’s one at the front and the back of the house. We take water conservation seriously. The green growth…weeds, my most prolific crop!

085I was in Canada the next year, judging Salukis. Lovely country, wonderful people. And sooo green. It’s no wonder it’s green, 095when the rain comes down in sheets. Their special method of dealing with rain is a sump pump in the basement, to keep the house foundation dry. 135

It was gorgeous. I spent time standing under this overhang and just breathing in the ozone. Plus enjoying those flowers I can only grow in a very protected area.

Living in California spoiled me for gardening. Just enough rain to be able to grow almost anything.

Lots of people like California. LOTS of them. There’s enough rain to keep things green. Not so much that people are inconvenienced. 106Except for once in a while, such as April 2012 when two years worth of rain fell in a day, during which my friends were trying to hold a dog show. Some of them were seriously considering putting in a call to Noah. 110

Sometimes we can have too much of a good thing.

I’m hearing this will be a higher than average rain fall year for New Mexico. Works for me. Even so, most of my plantings are VERY drought tolerant. Just in case.

Looking for music to share…Did you know you can download TEN HOURS of the sound of rain. That might be just a bit too much even for me. But here…here’s a song new to me. Rain…and Romance. How perfect!

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