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G…Awww, G, Really? #AtoZChallenge

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2015] - Life is GoodWe’re up to G, another one of those voluptuous letters, with a bit of a shelf for us to perch on while we contemplate. Going for the Gold? Gracious? Grandparents? Grand Champions? Generals? So many choices. My G of choice, recognizing what has helped me find balance as well as a necessary humility…is my GARDEN.

When we lived in Southern California the major issues with attempting a garden was jumping out of the way before the summer squash fell on my foot. One could practically put a stick in the ground and grow anything. Which is somewhat the idea of bare root season. I knew the elevation and soil in New Mexico would be a challenge but nothing prepared me for the WIND.


bit of a wind break has helped set up a micro climate

Mind you, I like wind. I deal well with wind. When my hair is longer, I keep a hair band on my wrist for emergency needs. It took a season of failing to grow the fail safe crops…zucchini in particular…to realize the first step is to add a wind break. The second is to mulch like mad, both for water retention in the summer and root protection in the winter.

I’m talking about gardens but planting and growing has helped

last year's perennials. I'll be updating in a week or so, Winter went well for them

last year’s perennials. I’ll be updating in a week or so, Winter went well for them

keep me as sane as I am (stop that snickering!) Watching seedlings emerge, seeing bulbs push up stalks year after year brings the seasons together and helps with a continuity of life.

Happy Gardening to all014


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