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Q? Yeah, What About Q? #AtoZChallenge

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2015] - Life is GoodQ. Such a silly looking letter, cursive or printed. An O with a funny tail? A 2 with a superiority complex? I practiced the cursive alphabet in elementary school and for a while it was legible…well, almost

Did you know there’s only one country starting with the letter “Q”? yep, Qatar. I have very mixed feelings about this country that has made itself into a jewel of the Middle East.

There are numerous towns in the United States, among them Quantico. Hmmmm Quantico… Not today, thanks

In New Mexico we have Quemado … remote but lovely and with some notable eating places, and  Questa…above Taos and oh my just gorgeous. Then again there aren’t many places in New Mexico that aren’t lovely. I might be just a tad prejudiced???

Instead let’s think about QUIET. Or more to the point, QUIETUDE. the state of being quiet or calm. In the last few years I have learned the value of simply being quiet. Of allowing the beauty around me to fill my life.


I can enjoy just being. Especially being with a quiet companion.

Quiet for now, sharing the sunset

Quiet for now, sharing the sunset


We owe it to ourselves to, at least on occasion, embrace the Quiet


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