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B to Z Challenge (A Was Yesterday) #AtoZChallenge #BlackOpalBooks

Ah B. Such a lush, round letter, cinched in at the middle. A cheerful sound: “B.A2Z-BADGE-000 [2015] - Life is Good

I could write about the plight of the BEES, which becomes more grim each day. Or about BUTTER or BACON, part of my low carb eating. Oh yum.

But…no. Although now that I think about it, I better take that package of bacon out of the freezer so I can have some for breakfast.

Done, and more coffee is in my cup.

My choice for B has to be my publisher, BLACK OPAL BOOKS bob-header-object

I’ve been writing full length books since 1985. Not great books, necessarily. Some not even very good. But writing. Occasionally I sent them off to agents and publishers. Contests also although generally of the three judges, two would love it and the third would worry about my heroes being too harsh and my heroines too strong. My ego, never really strong, took a nose dive. I still wrote but the resulting books stayed in my computer.

Digital publishing started to take off, small and not so small presses began to crop up. I saw a message about a new publisher. I liked what I was reading and in spite of the dire warnings (they’re new, wait a few years) I sent in a manuscript, then left for a three day dog show. The submission advice said to give it a month to six weeks so I wasn’t going to think about my book. Really, I wasn’t.

I didn’t open the e-mail while we were showing. Anything reply that fast could only be a rejection, right? So I waited until we were home, the dogs settled, and things calmed down (all relative since chaos is a way of life for us.) I opened the message. It’s in another computer, but what I remember:

“We think you are a good writer, and would like to publish your book”

I stared at the screen. Exited e-mail. Went back on. The words were the same.

I printed it out. Words were the same. I showed the printed version to my husband who agreed the words he read were the words I read. And I had such a Sally Fields moment (They LIKE me)

My own life took a nose dive just a few months later, but My Killer My Love front-cover-my-killer-my-love-first-try[1] came out that May.

Teach Me To Forget May 2012

Teach Me to Forget came out the next May. That would be 2012. While I was adjusting to my new life, I would occasionally pitch an idea to Lauri, and she would invariably say “send it, whenever you’re ready.”

I guess I was ready last year. A Question of Honor comes out this May, and the next Stormhaven Love Story will come out later, if I can get it polished and sent soon.

Sure there are other publishers, big and small. And maybe I could make more money elsewhere. I’m not sure I could do better, or have a better fit for me. As I listen to the woes from my writer friends about lack of control or interference in their writing voice, I know I’m where I want to be.


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