When You Find Out What the Words Really Mean #MFRWAuthor

I came across this on Facebook:

Wow, how gorgeous. I’ve heard the song before, and wondered from time to time what it really meant. Folk songs all too often have a much deeper meaning than we realize. An Internet search brought me to Wikipedia, a good starting place, with a wealth of possibilities:

***There are many theories about the meaning of the song, most of which are connected to the Jacobite Uprising of 1745. One interpretation based on the lyrics is that the song is sung by the lover of a captured Jacobite rebel set to be executed in London following a show trial. The heads of the executed rebels were then set upon pikes and exhibited in all of the towns between London and Edinburgh in a procession along the “high road” (the most important road), while the relatives of the rebels walked back along the “low road” (the ordinary road travelled by peasants and commoners).[3]

Another interpretation of the “Low Road” is that it refers to the traditional underground route taken by the “fairies” or “little people” who were reputed to transport the soul of a dead Scot who died in a foreign land—in this case, England—back to his homeland to rest in peace.[3][4]

Another similar interpretation also attributes it to a Jacobite Highlander captured after the 1745 rising. The Hanoverian British victors were known to play cruel games on the captured Jacobites, and would supposedly find a pair of either brothers or friends and tell them one could live and the other would be executed, and it was up to the pair to decide. Thus the interpretation here is that the song is sung by the brother or friend who chose or was chosen to die. He is therefore telling his friend that they will both go back to Scotland, but he will go on the “low road”, his body being paraded along the main road controlled by the Duke of Cumberland’s forces, whereas his friend will have to head for the hilltops, taking longer to get back. Another supporting feature of this is that he states he will never meet his love again in the temporal world, on Loch Lomond. Some believe that this version is written entirely to a lover who lived near the loch.[3][5]

A related interpretation holds that a professional soldier and a volunteer were captured by the English in one of the small wars between the countries in the couple of hundred years prior to 1746. Volunteers could accept parole, a release contingent on the volunteer’s refusal to rejoin the fighting, but regulars could not and so could face execution. The volunteer would take the high road that linked London and Edinburgh while the soul of the executed regular would return along the “low road” and would get back to Scotland first.[3]***

Looks like, as we find all too often, this is a story of people in conflict, one side resisting the efforts of the other side’s control. All too often old men sending young men off to die for their own causes. Or a dominating force believing Might Makes Right.

Not that all wars are unjustified. There have been a few, very few, with some valid reason. Not many. Perhaps worse than the direct loss of life is the loss of self for those who survive, on both sides of the conflict, for those fighting, those fought against, and those known too often as unintended consequences. Not just today or yesterday but throughout history.

Those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it.

Time to pull some weeds. In the garden, I mean. Have a peaceful Sunday and enjoy the music in spite of the meaning.





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Beauty Wherever We Look #MFRWAuthor

AKA why I run late more often than I like. Running late is rude and counterproductive since it makes everyone involved uncomfortable and can upset the tenor of the day. This problem dogged me throughout my working career. Although I manage to make my flights and most other deadlines, it’s often only due to dogged determination. When I am on time (or early!) I realize how much less stressful my day continues.007

My life is not as deadline oriented as I once was. Which is fortunate when I see this  outside my back door. The morning light casting shadows across the yard brings beauty and peace to my soul.

Not a day later, the morning brought another dash of beauty, a reward for the hope we all have when planting something unique. especially in a difficult 005gardening area.

It’s called a Hardy Hibiscus, and has a more formal name to define the shape of those lovely flowers. Hardy is the perfect name for this beauty since it has survived intermittent care, high winds, deep snow, freezing temperatures and other difficult to deal with issues to produce the first flower. With many more to come. 011.JPG

Check this out:

Yes, lots more blooms to come. I think I’ll use this as a metaphor for my writing, and my life. LOTS more beauty to share. LOTS more books to come. 007


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And The Sign Says #MFRWAuthor


Ah, a radical song from my not so radical past


Mostly, I wanted to share THE BEST sign I’ve seen in a long time: 011

Seen at a local hardware store. Gotta love it!


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Gratitude…Why the Heck Not? #MFRWAuthor

I came across an essay on how being grateful…being happy for something every day…can have a profound influence on our lives. And I thought…huh. Okay. And, why not try? I know I have felt better on the days I wake up counting blessings instead of failures. And I remember a song…what a shock!


Okay, it looks kinda creepy! But the lyrics? Epic. Or maybe I’m just exposing my musical roots? Anyway, I went searching for the science of gratitude, or more to the point the science of happy. And found this: Science Behind Gratitude Because, yes, we DO have the right to be happy and we DO need to feel grateful for something every day.

Is life perfect? Heck, no. Could it be worse? Well, yeah. But my ground is damp every morning right now, my friends think about me, my family is healthy and happy.

Life is good. Just ask my mugwump 032


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Really? You Just Had To? #MFRWAuthor

A brilliant person…or maybe I should say ANOTHER brilliant person…faces end of days because she could not differentiate from NEED and WANT.

Reminding me of this song, which took a while to find but it was worth the search:

If you let You Tube cycle you’ll hear another version, more live action. And it won’t hurt to have that message in your face one more time.

I digress. But, REALLY folks? You think you just NEED that drink, that hit, that temporary nulling of reality? To hell with the people you hurt in the mean time? Your family, your friends. Your opportunity to continue research, or theories, or beliefs. Just so you can gain a temporary wall between you and reality.

Sorry. I was going to talk about monsoons and share great pictures and be upbeat.

But I just can not deal with the waste.

It’s a sad, sad time today. Okay, I’ll share a New Mexico sky


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Cover Reveal…A Question of Faith #MFRWAuthor

As promised: front cover final

Isn’t it sooo pretty? We decided to follow the set up of A Question of Honor,  showing a profile of the couple, a horse, a New Mexico sky for the background. Rosalind is a softer heroine than Sydney was, and this sky is just a bit softer as well.

The blurb:

*** Rosalind Summerton led a charmed existence, right up to the day she accepted an invitation to visit a family in the Middle East, and learn more about the culture up close and personal. It became far too up close and she barely escaped with her life. She no longer has faith in herself as a survivor, and she needs to stay somewhere that she can see miles in every direction. Cold would be nice.

Tyler Randolph has lost faith in himself and his judgement of people, especially women, after his wife left along with his truck, trailer, and horse. He’s wondering why he’s bothering. Until he meets his new tenant: Tall, sexy, intriguing…and scared.

Can these two cautious people have enough faith to try one more time? ***

I had a great time with these two complex people, and made Ty work extra hard for his HEA

Release day October 1.


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Should I? Could I? Yes, I Can #MFRWAuthor

I have seen so many young people (at this point that would be under the age of forty) with wild and crazy embellishments. Piercings, chains, body art. Hair of unusual colors. At first my conservative upbringing brought a frown to my face but after a while…okay, a very long while…I wondered. What would my hair look like with maybe a splash of color?

What WOULD people say?

And, did I really care what they said?smaller

No, I did not. Especially not after I looked at photos from when I chaired (managed) the Saluki National. Sure, I was smiling but that hair…

Shortly after I returned home, I dropped into the local beauty shop. “I want a trim, some shape, some color.”

“Good idea. You want blonde highlights?”



One last look at the ‘old’ hair

“All over?”


Almost a tin foil hat



“Not really. Just…here and there.”

Fortunately she understood intent as well as words, and suggested a ‘Peekaboo’ effect, with the color underneath instead of on top. Since she had also suggested African Amethyst, am intense violet shade, more subtle sounded like a good idea!

If you’ve followed this far, no doubt you’re wondering how this experiment turned out. Well, what do you think?


In the wind!















By the way, I’m kind of surprised to be sharing so many pictures of me without a dog or book to hide behind.

Tomorrow…just you wait. Cover reveal for A Question of Faith!











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In that Good Ol’ Summertime #MFRWAuthor

Seasons follow each other in an imperfect flow. Winter’s freezing, Spring’s fresh awakenings, Summer. Oh yes, Summertime, and here is my favorite song for the season

What could be more appropriate, more moody, and more in keeping with the slow, heated beat of the summer. Here in New Mexico we can have such a HOT summer and the humidity can get up to (WOW) fifty percent. Okay, during monsoon even higher but that’s bad enough don’t you think?

Growing seasons are so different here from Southern California, where you could push a 029stick into the ground and, like Jack’s beanstalks, produce a massive bush with little effort. Instead we choose, we nurture, we water and fuss and hope. And if we are successful, if we manage to defeat drought and grasshoppers and wind, we have a garden.

At least for a few brief months. I’m experimenting with earth boxes for my zucchini and hoping for the best. These should help with the hot dry days.

Summer means leisure and lazy, unless you have somewhere vital to be in the middle of the day. We can take the wiser approach of staying in with fans blowing during the day.

The payoff is, of course, spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Such as this one


For such a sight, I can deal with gardening difficulties!

In approximately sixty sunsets, A Question of Faith, the next Stormhaven Love Story, will release for your reading pleasure. And if I can work through the hot days, A Question of Trust will follow close behind. Faith is Ty’s story, and he’s matched with the perfect partner. I’ll be sharing bits with you soon.

Also I think it would be fun to share authors you might not meet otherwise. What do you think?



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The Things We Do For Love #MFRWAuthor

Remember this one? What fun to hear it again:

For love, my late husband Tom put up with my insecurities and seriously poor house keeping. Not to mention my obsession with all things Saluki and my odd bursts of excitement when a story took off in me and I frantically tap tap tapped on the keyboard all hours of the night.

For love, I stayed by him throughout the fears, the diagnosis, the surgery, the rehab, then the home hospice. What else would I do? Vows meant something to both of us.

On a lighter note, for love of dogs and my dog friends I find myself going to meetings, managing shows, working on newsletters.

Or is that a sick obsession? Hmmm



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Chicken Pizza Crust? Really? Yup. #MFRWAuthor

Seriously, a pizza crust made from chicken and cheese. Period. Is it good? Well, yes. Is it as good as a premier high gluten yeast crust smothered in olive oil?

Well, no. Nothing I’ve found so far is that good. But this really is pretty darned good and it is MUCH easier.Not to mention friendlier in the carb department. When I first heard this idea, I looked around for recipes, most of which seemed to require raw chicken. Since I’d been to Costco, I used canned chicken, the chunked kind, and grated Mozzarella cheese. Big cans, let’s see 12.5 ounces. Here’s the basic recipe, from Southern Yankee


1 Pound of Ground Chicken

1/4 Cup Parmesan Cheese

1/4 Cup Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

1/4 Teaspoon Black Pepper

1 Teaspoon Italian Seasoning Blend (or just a bit of Oregano and Basil)

You mix all this together, spread it out, cook. Then add your toppings. Go crazy here!

How did I change this? You know me too well. I mostly added more cheese,  plus using the cooked chicken since ground raw chicken is not only difficult to find here, it’s also kind of yucky. I’ve found if I use extra olive oil I can almost fool myself into thinking ‘real’ pizza.

Let’s face it, seriously. We each have to make our own decisions on what adjustments we want to make with our lives once we have set ourselves onto the path of less carbohydrates. For me, this is a really good VERY easy pizza crust which makes me happy. It looks like this before you add toppings:Chicken CrustPretty much pizza-ish. It keeps well in the fridge so I can have breakfast pizza.

You haven’t had pizza for breakfast? Seriously?


We can still be friends. I guess.

Of course we can.


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