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M…mmmmmmmmmm?? #AtoZChallenge

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2015] - Life is GoodM. An up and down letter. Thirteenth letter of the alphabet, generally acknowledged as the middle (although that spot should be shared with N, don’t you think?)

I’m having trouble thinking of M topics. Sure there’s Male and Music and Monarch. Nope, not grabbing me.

I can always talk about Mountains. Moving to 6500 feet was like 015coming home for someone who had lived for so long close to sea level.

Then there’s Memories but I’ve probably dwelled far too long on those. Except for this extremely sentimental song

That’s an Elvis song? Really? I was never an Elvis the Pelvis fan. But this…oh yeah. Gimme a minute to enjoy…

Speaking of minutes, there’s the One Minute Muffin HERE’S ONE VERSION. Low carb, high fiber. I make mine in a bowl so I can get more of a muffin shape. A wonderful substitute for breakfast muffins or, for that matter, sandwich buns. Having one now with  my coffee while I think about the messages we get every day.

I’m not talking about poring through entrails to predict the future. The only entrails around here are ground green tripe for the dogs and that’s not something you dig through. More like open, add to dog meals, serve. Then take a breath.

The messages bombarding me (us?) every day have to do with how we’re supposed to be thinking, who’s in charge of our thoughts, what we’re supposed to care about. As writers those message range from “give it up you’ll never succeed” to “keep trying, success is just around the corner.” One of the recent flood of messages has to do with the end of books, e-books, romance, fantasy etc etc etc.  I’m tempted to insert Don Henley’s “End of the Innocence” here. I’ll let you go look for yourself if you’re interested.

As for the message…I’ve seen this illustrated so many ways so I’m going to let you use your imagination.


Ignore the  naysayers and just keep on. I’m getting mine right now.


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