A Question of Honor

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Can a woman with a past find love with a man who thinks he has no future?

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From the Review Team of Jones and Murply

TAYLOR JONES SAYS: In A Question of Honor by Mona Karel, Sydney Castleton has a past she is not particularly proud of, working with her father as a soldier of fortune. Now her father is dead, and Sydney is trying to start over. Wanting to right a wrong committed by her sister, who may also be dead, Sydney agrees to take a stolen horse back to its owner at Stormhaven Ranch in New Mexico. The horse’s owner doesn’t want Sydney driving alone, so he sends his right hand man, Devon Starke, to California to bring both Sydney and the horse back to the ranch. But trouble is following Sydney and her life—as well as that of anyone she cares for—is now in danger.

This book, like the others Karel has written, shows a depth of understanding of people and their relationships. You can’t help but root for her characters as they struggle to find their way through unique trials and tribulations. The story has a good strong plot that will keep you turning pages, but it’s the charming, heart-warming love story that will have you reading this one again and again. I give the book 4.5 Stars.

REGAN MURPHY SAYS: A Question of Honor by Mona Karel is both a suspenseful spy thriller and a captivating romance. Our heroine, Sydney, is a former mercenary who worked with her father, a legendary operative known as “The Rook.” When her father is killed by an act of vengeance and his team disbands, Sydney tries to start over, but her past haunts her. She is convinced she will never find anyone to love her enough to overlook her shady, less-than-legal past. Our hero, Devon, is a veteran of the Special Forces and has seen way too much death and tragedy. All he wants now is a little peace. Devon’s boss at Stormhaven Ranch in New Mexico sends him to meet Sydney in California and drive her, and the horse her sister stole from Stormhaven—which Sydney tracked down and recovered—back to New Mexico. A tough, seasoned cowboy, Devon tries to ignore the sparks igniting between him and Sydney. He’s convinced that he’ll never find anyone to love him enough to overlook his none-too-subtle scars, both physical and emotional.

Karel is one of my favorite authors, and this book doesn’t disappoint. One of the things I like best about her work is that her characters both male and female are not the “mass-produced” incredibly beautiful hunks and hotties we see so much in romance fiction today. Karel’s characters feel like real people and the obstacles they face are tough, intriguing, and complicated. Not that I have anything against beautiful people. I enjoy drooling over a hunk as much as the next red-blooded female. But Karel brings an authenticity to her characters that pulls you in and tugs at your heartstrings page after page. I’m giving A Question of Honor 4.8 Stars.

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