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Pay It Forward, with Wicked Dragon Solutions: What Comes After “THE END”? #editors #editing #WDWS

When I heard Jami and Amber were planning to start an Author help/editing business I knew I had to grab them for a post. What better way to pay it forward? Didn’t hurt that they’d chosen Dragon for their name. I mean…dragons??? How could I not ask them to come visit?

What Comes After “THE END”?
By Jami Gray & Amber Kallyn, Editors for Wicked Dragon Writing Solutions

JPG 379 WickedDragonWriterSolutions_LogoYou’ve finally typed the two most important words: “THE END”, but your precious treasure of words needs one final polish before you usher it out on to the cruel world. During your writing journey you’ve discovered editors abound. So have we. Not because of our crystal balls, but because Amber and I have traversed the same paths, trying to find the magical editing fit for our written treasures.

Between the two of us, we have garnered thirteen years of continuous editing and writing experience in various genres. Enough so, when given an opportunity we decided to open our editing doors to our friends in the writing community, and, Wicked Dragon Writer Solutions was born.

Each written gem is a unique collection of voice, plot, and characters. The right editor will not only be experienced and educated, but will understand each story contains facets of creations unique to their genre. As with any master craftsman, an editor will devour written gems by the armful, regardless of genre. No one goes after a treasure without a map, and editors will arm themselves with industry knowledge to ensure a successful epic quest.

We know how vital editors are to Creators of the Written Word, and what’s better than one editor? How about two editors putting their eyes to the jewelers loop to examine your precious treasure, and you’ll only be out the gold for the price of one. Think of it as an Editorial BOGO (buy-one-get-one-free).

Feel free to come on over and check us over at Wicked Dragon Writer Solutions (WICKED DRAGON WRITER SOLUTIONS!

JPG 792x612 WD HeaderIn celebration of our grand opening, if you book your adventure during the month of April, we are offering 10% off your hoard of gold, just note code: WDWSOPEN when booking your spot!

If you’re anxious to start your epic journey, feel free to reach out to mailto:wickeddragonsolutions@gmail.com and we’ll get you set for your editing adventure.


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V…The Value in our Voice against Violence #AtoZChallenge

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2015] - Life is GoodV…sharp and straight, waiting to be a Vessel, to establish Value. V also represents our Voice, the unique way we put words together in speech, in writing, or in song.

We have another use for our Voice, one we sometimes neglect. Our Voice can and should speak out against Violence. So much Violence, so much of it against women and children. While we worry about our first world problems…hell, we whine about them, don’t we…in other places Violence is used to subjugate, to prove a point, to establish superiority. All too often Violence is used when Voice is either not heard or not well expressed.

But…But what can I, a single Voice, do to resist this Violence?

Funny you should ask. THIS NUN IN UGANDA has learned to use her Voice to stand against thesister rosemary Violence in her country. And as she says, ‘If you want to save women, start with one woman at a time. If you want to save children, attempt to save one child at a time.’

Too many first world countries have their own sort of Violence. I can not pretend to understand all the reasons, nor do I know enough to take sides. I do know Violence as a first choice solves nothing. Education is the key here, or communication…using our Voice to discuss and create solutions. A dream? Or a necessity?

I thought I’d be going back to my younger days (LONG ago) for this song to share with you. Until I found this rendition which seemed more appropriate

And before I leave you, we need to discuss another critical V…our Veterans. Again we need to use our Voice to speak out for Veterans. For their safety, for their future. In thanks for their efforts that made it possible for us to feel at peace. I think this deserves a post of its own, or two or three. Don’t  you?


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