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D…What will we discuss? #AtoZChallenge

D, plump letter with a strong back. Often used to indicate a bit of a smile. Designation for a larger than comfortable bra cup, and when you start multiplying those D’s you run into some difficulties.

We could talk about DOGS…too easy. DANDELIONS…critical to life cycles. Oooh, DRAGONS..nah, over done although I totally love dragons.

What about…Dawn?

SO many choices here..let’s go with Cat Stevens there in front of us…Tom really liked his work…gotta shut off YouTube or I’ll spend all night listening.


I don’t have much choice about sleeping in. The dogs know how long they’ve been inside and when they NEED to go out. Dawn can easily become chaotic! Somewhere between 6 and 6:30 AM I’m achieving vertical status. As long as my head can remain above my feet, it’s a good day. 007

Living as I do at 6500′ plus, with well placed neighbors, I have space around me to stretch out and greet the morning

Winter Sunset on the High Plains

Dawn brings new opportunities, new chances. My writing is best at dawn, and life is the start of another adventure. Watching the landscape respond to the sun’s greeting is a never ending fascination.


No matter what time of year, every sunrise is a new adventure.  Don’t miss greeting each new day.


Every sunrise is a new adventure


Hope you enjoy, and you have the opportunity to say GOOD MORNING for a long long time.


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C to Z Challenge. . . COFFEE!!

Ah, C. An open circle. A hug in the making. Representing so many influences in my life. Should I talk about my CAT, trying to trip me if I take too long a step? Or maybe CHOCOLATE, that nirvana of food (I do have a great low carb Chicken Mole) Nah, KITT CRESCENDO handled chocolate masterfully. I would discuss cancer but I can not do so and pretend to be polite. Too many friends, too many losses.

Which leaves…coffee. MMMMM, COFFEE. As I explained when I visited ALLY SHIELDS earlier in the year “Ah coffee, the nectar of life. I drink it hot. I drink it cold. In an emergency I would not be surprised if I drank from a pot three days old. I draw the line at old enough to have floating organisms and I just can’t agree with certain brands being the best part of waking up, or good to the last drop. I have a Keurig, a French press, and a drip coffee maker. Oh, and several cones with filters. Just in case I’m isolated by a flood or blizzard.

I generally wake up in the dark and stagger to the kitchen to let the first group of Salukis out. On the way, I click on my

Faerie Queene

Faerie Queene

Keurig. The first cup is hot water. The second cup is water with apple cider vinegar (insert face mashed together while I shudder a bit) or sometimes lemon juice.

Then I drop my first pod into the one cup coffee miracle. I use this ORGANIC coffee in biodegradable pods. So I don’t worry so much about all that plastic stuff (I could use c**p here, in keeping with the letter of the day!) ending up in land fills. All mine end up in eventual garden plots along with the rest of my kitchen detritus. Amazon delivers eighty pods monthly. It’s almost enough. Hmm now I see I can get 120 pods delivered, for less than $2.00 additional. Interesting, I’ll have to look at that later.


Good Morning, have you had your coffee yet?

My first cup is black. Ahhh, bliss. Some of the brain cells start to fire in earnest. Eventually in between goofing with the ‘lukis and checking e-mail I move on to BPC…Bullet Proof Coffee, a low carb treat of coffee, quality butter, coconut cream. Yeah, high fat, but low carb and a great way to ease into the rest of the day.

In a pinch I’ll drink drive through coffee, or maybe hit Starbucks. Not for the blends, but for a cup of what’s on tap, then I add nutmeg or cinnamon and a touch of cream.

Yep, keeps me going.

What are your choices in favorite beverages of the day…starts with C or not?


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