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U..it’s for…Ummm… #AtoZChallenge

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2015] - Life is GoodU. Just sitting there waiting to catch all the fall out from earlier letters in its valley. We’re having a fun ride so far, right? Right??? Right.

The prediction was Q and U would be difficult, as if we weren’t moving into the beyond difficult letters. As if Q wasn’t bad enough.

Let’s see…U. Unforgiven, Unsightly. Unseemly. Seems like a lot of negative here. Which is appropriate since there have been a LOT of unseemly events showing up, just to knock women down. Silly, silly women, thinking common sense would prevail. You ask what I’m babbling about?

Beyond the modern attempts to control women, beyond the atrocities visited upon women around the world, it seems when an attempt is made to fix inequality, even that’s unsuccessful.  Chuck Wendig, defender of rational thought,  wrote a blog about THE NEW COMICS JUST FOR GIRLS . As if girls don’t read and enjoy ALL comics whether the main character is girl, boy, or the mutt they added to the family last week. Check it out. I’ll get some coffee.

Are you angry yet? Starting to steam here. And I have to wonder, seriously, when are we going to grow up??? WHEN are we going to end this ridiculous subjugation of  women as if there weren’t a mountain of other issues to take care of? Seriously. WHEN. Oh, wait, you don’t see this as an attempt to take over women? Let’s look at it this way: When you raise a child to think they are not quite the same as other children, when they learn they are not quite as good as other children, you program their bright young minds to believe they don’t have the same rights as others. I’ve seen it happen, with children and with dogs. (well, I have raised a lot more dogs than I have children)

Seriously. If you didn’t before, check out Chuck’s blog. And for once read the comments. Because they are also pretty darned awesome! Are you beginning to feel the urge to pound your head against a solid object. If I thought that actually would help, I’d be right there with you. Unfortunately I don’t know for sure what will work but I doubt head pounding will be an effective weapon. Blue-Angels-First-Female-Pilot

I balance this against the visual of our first female Blue Angel, and hold out hope, for our future in spite of this attempt to create sparkly My Little Pony shemale super heroes.

In the  meantime, since this day is a U, I’m gonna give you a treat.

Oh, yeah

Bright moment…I woke up to the sound and smell of rain.

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