N? How…Nice #AtoZChallenge

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2015] - Life is GoodN is the second half of the middle of the alphabet. Or we could say it’s the first letter of the second half. N is also the last straight line letter until we get to ‘T.’  I’ll be able to wax rhapsodical about curves and swellings into next week.

But first, we need to discuss N. I had thought to talk about saying NO but Suzy Taylor Oakley did a magnificent job of that. The only thing I would add is, we need to teach our children it is appropriate to say NO when someone wants them to do something they’re not comfortable with.

As I was busy with vet visits and garden checking and water hauling, I continued to muse about N. Without much inspiration. Naugahyde…{{shudder}} Nielsen Ratings (anyone remember those?) And I thought about:


Such a simple word, describing such a simple thing to be. Yet people all often use it in a derogatory fashion. They say it with a sneer. Mocking ‘nice’ gives some people such a feeling of importance. And, it seems, NOT being nice gives them that same feeling. At Agility Drill tonight, the instructor asked me if I could make it a point to watch out for some of the newer peopleA very brief nice moment during the less advanced class. Seems they weren’t feeling very welcome, and were being mocked by some of the others attending.

Really? This class is only a few (very small) steps above trotting your dog across poles and trying not to trip. Ready for competition is months if not years away for most of us. We do this for FUN. It’s no fun when people can’t be welcoming. Where’s the value in not being…nice?

It can be as simple as being pleasant with your waiter, or maybe letting someone go ahead of you in the grocery line if they only have one item and you have a cart loaded to the brim. I figure if nothing else we’re building up Karma points in our favor.

Sad to say it’s not always easy for me but when I do manage NOT to say the first snarky thing that wants to pour out of my  mouth, I actually feel kind of good about myself. And that is nice also.

I went looking for some kind of ‘nice’ music and went tumbling back to ‘those’ days. Makes me almost feel like a kid again. Nice.


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2 responses to “N? How…Nice #AtoZChallenge

  1. Mona, I thought about writing about nice, too! I guess we covered the territory between us, though. As for my post about No, excellent point about teaching our children. I think I’ll try to add that this weekend. Thanks for the link to my post – and for thinking alike!

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  2. Hi Suzy, I think we’re covering a lot of ground together, don’t you?


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