Varying Thoughts About Love on a Sunday Afternoon

How’s this Sunday going for you? Gathered with family and friends to hunt eggs and share good food, good fun? Wonderful. Family (born or made) and Friends matter. Seriously matter. Hold on to them while they’re here.

Me? I’m enjoying the push into Spring. Might be jumping the season a bit, short sleeves and shorts are a little ambitious for

a visual from last time...this time I'm using a whole chicken!

a visual from last time…this time I’m using a whole chicken!

breezy 60 degree days. Got chilled enough to cover up more, and haul out the crock pot for some CHICKEN MOLE. Oh yum. Sundays are a break from A to Z blogging. Great fun, and really makes me think.

A week or so ago I was thinking about this song. I found it sung by various artists, then I found Dolly Parton. Just When I Needed You Most. People don’t always leave of their own accord but it can hurt no matter why they leave.

Here’s something I found on good ol’ FaceBook, as kind of a counterbalance

I don’t think I could advise any better. Could you?


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2 responses to “Varying Thoughts About Love on a Sunday Afternoon

  1. nydia



  2. thanks. I found that meme particularly attractive.


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