Do NOT Let Them Win…with Thanks to Anna Blake

When you were younger…heck maybe even last week…did someone tell you, you just weren’t enough? Maybe not thin enough, or pretty enough, or young enough, or clever enough? Not necessarily in a shaming way, but “for your own good”

Anna Blake has written something so profound, I really want you to take a look. Yes, it’s about riding horses. But it’s also about being true to yourself, and not listening to people who want to ‘help’ by tearing you down:

TIPS FOR A FAT RIDER talks about being aware of your entire self, not just one aspect, whether it’s weight, hair, complexion or anything else that makes you feel ‘less.’

Let yourself stand out

Let yourself stand out

How often have we hesitated taking on a new project, or maybe going to a conference, until we’re enough? Maybe until we’ve lost enough weight, or we can afford that wicked new wardrobe? We let ourselves worry so much about how we look, we stop ourselves.

We do the same in our writing. We write and rewrite and edit over and over because we are so sure our words are just not good enough. Of course we want to send out our very best but at some point we need to say ENOUGH and just send our book out into the world.

I’m guilty of this on both ends of the question, not always having the confidence I should and also being automatically judgmental. Not a pretty picture either way. I’m working on that as we speak.

It’s been a gloomy few days here in New Mexico. Some rain to make up for the gray but I gotta say my solar batteries are running low!

low lying clouds on South those people were feeling gloomy!

low lying clouds on South Mountain…bet those people were feeling gloomy!


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2 responses to “Do NOT Let Them Win…with Thanks to Anna Blake

  1. Thank you for seeing the parable here… as I wait to hear from publishers on my manuscript, I notice holding confidence is an action verb…

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    • Doing final edits on the first of my ranch stories, set in northern New Mexico. As much as I’ve enjoyed my other books it feels ‘fun’ to get back to writing about horses if only peripherally


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