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Chile Relleno Casserole? Low Carb? GIMME

I love Chile Relleno. Long, thick meaty green chiles, stuffed with cheese then dipped in a batter and fried. Oh, yeah. I’ve come across many different recipes, some shared from family cookbooks. Mostly the batter is some kind of flour or cornmeal mixture, maybe even crackers. Which are all awesome yummy but a real downer when you want to stay with a low carb lifestyle. Once in a very great while you might find the coating is only eggs, no flour, no cornmeal, just well beaten eggs. Bliss.

But any of these preparations take a long time to put together, between stuffing the peppers, dipping them, then frying.

When I saw a RECIPE for a chile relleno casserole, I was intrigued, and inspired. As you can see, there’s no frying, no

Looks pretty good from the outside

Looks pretty good from the outside

stuffing. Just layer the flattened chiles with cheese, then whip up the eggs and cream. How does it look?

Looks pretty good cut up

Looks pretty good cut up

It also heats up really well for breakfast. I got several meals out if this dish. Mind you I was using fresh roasted chiles but you can find them in cans, if you aren’t fortunate enough to live in New Mexico

If you ever want to come visit, give me some warning and I might justĀ  make up a pan for everyone.



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