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Paying it Forward…to Martha Doster

Martha's Body Bueno

Martha doesn’t know I’m writing this but if anyone deserves recognition for the way they live their lives and affect the people around them, it’s Martha Doster.  I met Martha in 2008. She had closed her iconic personal happiness store in Albuquerque and taken her business on line. Since then she has worked unceasingly to help others. She encourages small businesses, works with women’s organizations, supports local vendor gatherings, and shares her knowledge of scents and lotions with anyone who needs help. For this last she does get paid!

MARTMarthasplaceHA’S BODY BUENO is why my skin is decent and my hair is healthy even though my beauty routine is more ‘get ‘er done’ than taking meticulous care. I’ll get to her wonderful products in a minute. First I’d like to tell you about this very special woman.

As I said, Martha helps others before she helps herself. She keeps loose change and small bills readily available for those on street corners and stop lights who old up signs asking for help. She’s pointed out they might not all be legitimate but the ones who are deserve help. She recycles, oh my does she recycle, helping the planet as much as the people.

No matter how busy or tired she  might be, Martha makes hospital visits with sick friends, picks up meals for shut ins, and as much as possible attends gatherings that mark the events in her friends’ lives.

Massage Candles - with Hemp & Soy

Massage Candles

If you check out the website you’ll find hand made lotions, creams, and oils which can be scented to your personal preference or left completely unscented. Multiple selections in shampoos, conditioners, body washes can leave you feeling fresh and clean no matter how dusty you got pulling weeds or playing with the dogs.

There is also a discreet selection of ADULT TOYS AND GIFTS for your pleasure or to stimulate the imagination when writing those delicate scenes.

From the website: Our mission statement says it all -we want to make you feel good, smell yummy, and save the earth!

When (if) I grow up, I want to be like Martha!


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