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Aaaand We’re Off…#AtoZChallenge…Awesome Girl

Fourth Grade…nine years old. And she has a better grasp on what matters than people much older. In particular whoever decided we need to be testing testing testing instead of encouraging students to think for themselves and learn how to learn.

Yep, I’ve joined the A to Z Blog Challenge. I’ve promised to blog every day except Sunday between now and the end A2Z-BADGE-000 [2015] - Life is Goodof April. I’ve also committed myself to exercising a little bit more every day.

Can I do it? Well, why the heck not!

I have not committed to a specific theme for the month any more than I have stuck with a theme for the last three months, since I started the Your Turn Challenge.

Hang in there with me, we’re going to be Awesome.


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