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What Really Matters…With Help from Susan Taylor..and Ffyr Drakul

Susan posed three questions HERE on Siouxsie’s Musings meant to make us think, to dig deep into who we are and what we want to be: **Brag  — what can I be proud of right now? Grateful — what  blessing in my life would I like to acknowledge? Desire — if money, time, and the laws of physics were no object, what would I desire?** She references her sources in the blog (Susan’s blogs always give me something new to think about.

I took a bit to think before I answered, which is one of the reasons I really enjoy her blog

{{a brag. That I never stop trying new things. I’m grateful I learned to do this, albeit later in life and not yet completely.Desire, if I had unlimited funds? To keep reaching out, doing more, and helping others do the same.
This isn’t totally altruistic…I’m trying hard to deal with total truth. I’ve traveled a bit, I’d like to travel more. But it is SO MUCH fun to watch others succeed, especially when I’ve had at least a small part in their success.}}}

I’ve learned to take pleasure in smaller things. Might be all the dishes clean at once, a garden planted and ready for success. A dress fitting for the first time in years. A 001forgotten memory, just waiting to show up when I most need it.

This evening it was a great Agility session with my firecracker of a Saluki boy, Ffyr Drakul (Fire Dragon) He was giggling with anticipation while I looked for a parking place and spent the first ten minutes just sniffing where all the dogs had been earlier.

We hadn’t been for several months. Always something else to do, or the weather was just so awful. His sister went a few times to the Tuesday session but seems like Thursday just kept getting away from us. So tonight he went instead. And we both are better for it1

What is your brag, your source of gratitude, your desire? If you haven’t found them yet, don’t put it off until a better time. Go. Embrace life…we’re blessed to be here. So many are not



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