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Treats for Man and Beast, and a Bit of Politics

The rain started fairly early today and has continued, soft and unrelenting. No Agility with Fire Dragon since that practice area is outdoors. So I baked a bit, read a bit, did club work, and finished the final polish on A Question of Honor.

Here’s a photo of someone else’s treats

It’s been a while since I shared recipes, and I thought it would be fun to offer something for noshing this weekend. A few days ago I made liver/turmeric treats for the ‘lukis.’ I was sure I took a picture but…not finding it anywhere. Rats. I had a great (okay, probably a bit pathetic) joke about how the dog treats looked like the brownies I was planning to make. Wait, I found a picture of someone else’s…wow they cut much nicer than I do.

The liver treats are a couple pounds of raw liver, 1/2 cup Organic turmeric, 1/2 cup coconute or olive oil, and 1/5 tsp fresh ground pepper. Toss it all in a food processor. When all the lumps are gone, pour out on a tray, bake in a 350 F oven until done. Cut up. Store in refrigerator and freezer. These are a fairly sure way to get turmeric into the fussiest dog.

here's my brownies

here’s my brownies

Now, brownies…low carb and relatively healthy! They call these MIRACLE BROWNIES and that’s pretty accurate if you’ve been looking for an uber chocolate cakey dessert. Theirs look pretty good Chocolate brownie with nuts on plate, close-up - Tony Hutchings/Photographer's Choice/Getty Imagesactually much prettier than mine since I forgot myself editing and, well…I’m just gonna put a tiny picture up.

Yeah, kinda well done. But they ARE super chocolate which sometimes I just want, ya know? If you look at the recipe, I only used a cup total of Erithrytol so they’re not near as sweet as a lot of people might like to eat.  You can make your own adjustments.

In amongst this I added my support to those attempting to guide animal legislation through the New Mexico state legislature. This particular bill showed up and was the recipient of a strong push, which always makes one suspicious. There is a possibility (certainty) of unintended consequences when bills are produced and pushed without a lot of thought.Fortunately we have some brilliant people who understand how this process works and they are able to expend much effort to make the rest of us understand and help where possible, if only contact legislators via e-mail and by phone. None of us want to see any animals suffer but too many of the bills written to protect animals do the opposite.


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