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“It Was Her Fault”…Delhi Bus Rapist Speaks Out. TRIGGER WARNINGS

This is not an easy story to write or read

I had the idea I could keep on with lightweight observations of the human race. Until this came across my feed.

Rapist Blames Victim

In 2012, in New Delhi, a 23 year old college student paid her fare for a bus ride home. She was with a male companion. Once on the bus they were attacked, and beaten with a tire iron. If you’ve ever picked up a tire iron you know how heavy it is. The rapist claims she should not have been out after dark, and if she just had not fought back they wouldn’t have had to hit her. Even worse, their lawyers stated pretty much the same thing…it’s in the article.

This isn’t some back water third world country. India offers the opportunity for education. It wasn’t a mugging gone wrong. The men were driving a bus, collecting fares, so it wasn’t an act of desperation. They wanted to hurt this young woman, so they did. And blamed her for being there.

Since then laws have been enacted, outrage has been declared. More women have stepped forward to report rapes, but rapes have also increased.

Problem is, India is not alone in their treatment of women. Nor is the attitude of this prisoner unique. “if women would cover themselves, they would not tempt men” is a popular refrain. Same as “she didn’t want to be touched, she shouldn’t have let it hang out.”

Sound familiar?

I wish I had answers. I don’t. I’m just sharing this story so Jyoti Singh is not forgotten.


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