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The Secret Recipe for Writing a Perfect Pitch…or Blurb!

Kristen and Marcie are saving my bacon…I need to work on the blurb for A Question of Honor. This is written for Pitches but doesn’t it some across as PERFECT for a blurb? In one of the MANY comments, Marcie says: “Which character’s decision/problem sets the story in motion? Which of your POV characters has the most to lose? Which one is going to be the one to beat the antagonist/villain in the final showdown? Usually you’ll write your pitch focusing on that character.”  Oh yeah.

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All the right ingredients can make magic... All the right ingredients can make magic…

Today, I am preparing to teach this weekend at the DFW Writers Workshop Conference, so I asked Marcy to guest post on an important topic. Conference season is upon us. Many of you will be talking to agents and editors soon. Or, you might be wracking your brain trying to nail down the hook for a query letter. Marcy is a master at teaching how to refine those tens of thousands of words into something coherent and interesting….

Take it away, Marcy!


Writing a book is easy…at least when compared to what we need to do after we finish. We had 50,000 to 100,000 words to write our novel, and now we have to condense that down into a couple of paragraphs for an agent pitch, query letter, Amazon description, or back cover copy.

It feels unfair. Mean really. After all, if…

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