Faking Your Way to Success

A year or so ago, I found this TED talk from 2012. I remind myself to go back and rewatch as often as possible.

Today this phrase jumped out: “Women feel chronically less important than men” Looks like some of us need to break ourselves out of this state of being.

And  THIS CHART a visual reminder of body language.

Even if I wasn’t born or raised to succeed in something I could ask myself: What does a successful person in this field do? Even more to the point: How does a successful person act/speak/behave? Hasn’t helped with my housekeeping but it has more than once pulled me out of a deep abyss.
Then I found out, more often than not, these successful people were faking it right along with me.

Like ANNA BLAKE a successful horse trainer, Dressage rider, rescue organizer. Just as doubt ridden as the rest of us but moving forward every day.

Step by step, arms in the air. We’re all in this together and together we will succeed.


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7 responses to “Faking Your Way to Success

  1. I hadn’t seen the chart. I think you know this, but dogs and horses read that same way… Thanks.

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  2. Sure do love this… also saw it a while back.. SO go for the reminder!!

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  3. And I thought successful people only started faking it in the last 20 years.

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  4. dorannadurgin

    That’s a great talk! (And I read Anna, too. Probably found her through you at one point or another.)

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