L… Let’s Just Talk About the Letter L #AtoZChallenge

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2015] - Life is GoodL. Such a stark letter. One upright, one horizontal support. Unless it’s a cursive L in which case it flourishes and swoops. L is the beginning of the middle of the alphabet. Who didn’t recite LMNOP when calling out their letters?

L can stand for Love or LUST according to Kit Crescendo; Rose Anderson chose Legends or Lies. When I found an article several weeks ago in Parade Magazine, I knew my L would be about Al Pacino, and Letters  Al-Pacino-in-Danny-CollinsThis story really is too special for me to paraphrase, so I’ll just get a cup of coffee while you read.

Isn’t that fascinating, reading about the intertwining stories? Have you ever sent or received a letter to/from someone you really didn’t know, that had an impact on you?

I have, and it was a profound impact. Sometime back in the early 1980’s I put an ad in a Saluki magazine about this wonderful old Saluki. Mostly just self indulgent, ‘look at this dog that is now part of my life.’ And I received a letter, asking about the dog, and also about my kennel logo which at that time was “Salukis, Deerhounds, and Dragons.” Seems this person not only admired classic old Salukis but she was as much of a dragon lover as I was, and she wanted to know where my dragons were.

Since then she has become a part of my chosen family. All because she took the time to write a letter.

How about you? What letters have you written or received in the past. For that matter, does anyone write letters any more? Sad to say I don’t. Maybe I should start again. But who could read them?

And here’s the music I’ve been thinking about while I wrote this:

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