I is for Inspiration

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2015] - Life is GoodWhat better to discuss than Inspiration? Indigestion? Incontinence? Illness? Wow I seem to be on a negative trend! Let’s take a deep breathe (Inhale) and talk about what Inspires us. In writing, in life

I was looking for a way to share this video for my Heroine blog yesterday but got bogged down. Today I found it on YouTube (YAAA You Tube!)

Not only is the message of “You CAN take care of yourself” valuable, (although running away is a much better option if you can!) But the blase expression on the part of the woman (IN HEELS!) is inspirational when it comes to building a self confident character.

Obviously I like to share music, especially when the songs help me tell a story. I don’t always hear the ‘in’ songs when they’re new. But they do come to my attention eventually. Like this one, from Canadian singer Dan Hill (my Canadian friends groaned when I asked if they’d heard of him…apparently a bit TOO MUCH):

Because…it’s beautiful, and it inspires me to keep writing about people who are afraid to reach out and dare to love  “Romance and all it’s strategies leaves me battling with my pride….” Oh yeah.

Seeing cross country jumps inspires me to start back riding horses, but then reality comes crashing down. Those days are in the past…but I can write about them, can’t I?

What inspires you?

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