Sunday,..Music to Love By

It’s late Saturday night. I’m noodling around looking for sentimental music to share for Sunday. Remember this one? What deeply emotional lyrics. And remember this singer?

“I want to see your face in every kind of light…”

Oh yeah, that one gets me every time. Are those kind of men around today? Of course they are. And I don’t mean just those songwriters. Going back a bit further…same singer, different song

Then again, not all men are so exemplary. When they’re not, we have singers like Carly Simon to take them down a peg or two

And again…Carly Simon, singing about marriage and relationships

Sitting back, sipping at my coffee. Come join me?


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3 responses to “Sunday,..Music to Love By

  1. Years ago, when I was an actor, my first big job was in the movie Working Girl. Carly Simon wrote the powerful theme song that ran through the movie. Yes, I’ll join you for some coffee, tea, me? A line from the movie. Joan Cusak.

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  2. Love Carly Simon! I played guitar and sang in high school, and I knew every one of her songs. Love the other songs you mention, too. My perennial favorite has always been Tony Bennett, and I’ve been thrilled to see him become popular all over again.

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