Let’s Raise Each Other UP #MFRWAuthor

I’ve seen this song referred to as a “Christian” song, and it certainly gives that impression. In fact I’m fairly sure it was written in that vein. I’ve always thought of it as a tribute to people helping people.

Perhaps some people help people to make themselves feel better. So what? Doesn’t that make everyone a winner..and don’t we all love winning?

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Charcoal


I started using a FitBit recently. Many friends have been using it for over a year, with wonderful, life-saving results. I tried a few knock offs,that only worked a short amount of time, then finally bit the bullet and got an ‘entry level’ version I can clip on anything. (I’ve been known to use my bra strap) and keep track of my activity…or lack thereof. I’ve picked up a few active Fitbit users as on line partners…we can watch each others progress, send words of encouragement, and keep on stepping.

When I receive the pictures from last Saturday, I can tell you about my first BIG day tracking steps. In the meantime, I was following a discussion about step tracking. Someone mentioned they had hit a credible number of steps. Immediately following was a comment: “that’s fine but it’s not aerobic,” as if to say ‘so what, it’s not going to do you that much good.’

Yeah, way to raise us up! I know from experience, it can only take one or two statements like that to stop someone cold. Yes, that’s oversensitive. But it’s also very human. If instead that commenter had said: “Good for you. Once you’re into that great walking routine are you going to add some kind of aerobics or weight work?”

Same concept, different phrasing.

Which one works better for you?


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6 responses to “Let’s Raise Each Other UP #MFRWAuthor

  1. I like the questions, “Is it true? Is it kind?” At this point in time, I definitely prefer to give and receive positive feedback in every single case. Beautiful song.


  2. dorannadurgin

    Boy, you hit that nail right on the head. Here’s another one for you: Went to a new health care provider recently. She wanted a number of life changes from me.

    Now, in the grand scheme of things, my habits on these accounts are pretty darned good already–but they aren’t perfect, for sure. Instead of saying, “Wow, look at all the progress you’ve made on your own–that should make it so much easier to succeed!” she said, “But that’s not good enough/doesn’t count” on every single front, essentially dismissing all my previous efforts as inconsequential when in fact they’d taken a lot of struggle and I had been (“had been” being the operative words) proud of them.

    I not only didn’t return to her, I cried for days and nearly gave up altogether. Too bad. I don’t think her overall goals were bad ones, but I’m so outta there.

    PS Oooh, I want a fitbit too!

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    • It has taken me SO long to learn to give myself a break and sometimes I backslide into negativity. It’s all too easy to only see the negative, either in yourself or someone you’ve been monitoring. And it’s such a bad idea.
      Having the Fitbit is fun, especially if you’re competitive with yourself. I find I’ll ‘house walk’ on days I didn’t get enough steps during the day


    • and…don’t you see the parallel with training dogs? At one time it would be Sit Straight. NO I said STRAIGHT. Correct dog, tension.
      Now Sit Straight. What a clever dog, that’s pretty darned straight. Moment of goofy happy, then. Sit Straight and WHAM could that dog be any straighter?


  3. Or to the “that’s fine, it’s not aerobic” woman, how about just, “That’s awesome!” Sometimes just a word of praise without any further commentary is what a girl needs. The older I get, the more I work on keeping my mouth zipped. KISS (“Keep it Simple, Sweety.” – Mary Kay Ash)

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  4. sometimes, people share, just so they can share, not asking for input

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