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Sarah Silverman…What DO we Deserve? #MFRWAuthor

What we deserve…I came across this clip last month.


Since I was working my way through the alphabet, I put this aside, to revisit once I was done. Today being May 1, done with the fun of A to Z, I revisited, and discovered all was not the way it seemed. The owner of that comedy club refuted her claims:

Hmmm, this brings up questions, doesn’t it? Seems Sarah did clarify what she said, and apologized for naming names. I thought I had found that clip, since that was the title of this You Tube which I realized later was from someone called Mark Dice.

I find this the worst sort of ‘journalism’ although calling this journalism insults that profession. The voice alone is enough to send me away, but the poor balance of the report amazes me. Not only does Mr Dice attack the specific Comedy Club story, he also attacks Silverman’s political and personal beliefs, as well as the reaction of her audience. Plus he slides in snide comments about her life.

I know, a lot of people will disagree with me. Maybe they don’t like Sarah Silverman’s form of comedy. Actually I don’t much like it either. That does not take away from her strong beliefs concerning feminism. Ad hominem attacks reduce the validity of any reasoned argument. But Mr Dice’s presentation was anything but reasoned.

We all deserve equal pay for equal work, no matter race, gender, personal preferences. I learned long ago that all too often life WAS made for beauty queens, and I had to just suck it up if I wanted that nice office job. I also got and retained jobs on my own merit. But I think we also all need to approach the issue with a bit more respect than the screaming journalism style.

Don’t you?

Remember when I said there would be a bit of self promotion? Here it is: A Question of Honor showed up for pre-order last night, from FROM AMAZON . Happy days!

Release date 5/9/2015

Release date 5/9/2015


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