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A Bit of Good News…People Making a Difference

This is not a post about Spring and happy times. Yet it is. Nearly 300 women and children have been returned from Boka Haram. Mentally traumatized, physically debilitated they are not well. But they are back, and now they have a chance to recover. The story is not over. Families were torn apart and are not yet reunited. But it is a start.

THE STORY IS HERE, at least as much as has happened so far. There is still so much that needs to be done.

In contrast, HERE IS A STORY of a woman who saw a problem with the Sudan, and has developed assistance for the orphans there, and for the problem of human trafficking. This woman has been attacked, and survived to make a difference. Her goal is to help raise a generation of peace makers.

After the stories of hopelessness, of harm directed at others, of people choosing to go forth and cause trouble, or stay home and drink imported water, these stories are a ray of light.

005What have you heard today to give you faith in people?


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