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Sunday Songs and Memories

001It’s Mother’s Day and in the dog show world in New Mexico, that means getting together with like minded enthusiasts for the High Desert Cluster. Meaning five shows, starting on Friday and going to Tuesday, with activities for pretty much everyone involved in dogs. At least those that can be done indoors. Since the weather can and does vary between “strip down it’s HOT” to “did I remember to bring extra coats?” being indoors can be very important.

This weekend has personal memories for me, related to my husband’s illness. And to my publishing successes…can life be any more complicated? Or any more real?

Of course there’s a song, one I feel is so appropriate, by two iconic singers.

Which one do you like better?

It is here

It is here

Sure enough, the High Desert Cluster is underway. And here’s my new book! Can I have just a short moment of self promotion?

Listed as Romantic Suspense, Honor is also about trust and second chances. Something we all need in our lives

Click on the (pretty!) cover to reach the Amazon page.

Have a wonderful Sunday with those you love.


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