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It’s Sunday…Emotional, Moody…Memories #MFRWAuthor

A to Z Challenges wants a blog about my experiences last month. I gained great insights into myself and what I have to share.

I have a fun blog planned for the first Fitbit day I hit 10,000+ steps…another great accomplishment.

But…it’s Sunday. A day to share memories and emotions. For starters, a singer Tom and I enjoyed…one of several story teller singers who eased our minds and inspired our creativity

Gordon Lightfoot

And this one…heartfelt discussion between a wanderer and a home body. How many of you have been one of these people?

And if we didn’t live it, by glory we write it. “California life alone is just too hard to live.” Oh, yes, it is. And not just in California

We’re expecting a couple days of rain. Magical words to we in the in High Plains



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