Playing the Left Turn Game

We all love our dogs (at least I think we do.) Sometimes we love them even more for the things we can do together. When you’re part of the organized dog events world, what you can do is limited only by your time and energy. Well, and disposable income in a world where disposables are more likely to be diapers or paper towels.

One of those events is something I fondly call “The Left Turn Game,” or Conformation showing. In this venue our dogs are compared to a written standard and the judge for that day chooses the

so much potential in such a small package

so much potential in such a small package

dog which, in their mind, most closely resembles that standard. We might or might not agree with the importance of that CH in front of our dog’s name but from the moment we first look at a litter we hold that dream of adding initials in front of an behind the name.  Quick note, this title is achieved by gaining points in a semi complex system, defeating other dogs to win one to five points.

For this trip I was showing Fire Dragon (the Agility goof) and his sister Biddy, AKA Faerie Queene. Biddy has gone through a difficult time, losing her special person and working to find her own identity. Playing on the Agility equipment has given her a world of confidence, as well as realizing how much value she holds in our world.

001We woke that morning to the anticipation of seeing friends and canines, not to mention revisiting the great Purina Event Center. But it is odd for this high plains person to wake up to SO MANY TREES. The ‘lukis tend to adjust better than I do. I think for them it’s just part of the adventure of traveling with Mom.

Fortunately Purina runs shuttles during the shows, so I could dash over for a long hot shower, then back to change and gather the kids. Then the fun of getting them onto a golf cart…oh for a camera then! The eclectic training sessions paid off, both of them were comfortable and relaxed ringside around strangers, and let themselves be held as long as they could see me. Spoiled? Nah?

Okay, I guess I’ve dragged this out long enough. Here’s that little imp in the sleepy baby photo winning a five point major.  She stayed cool and confident throughout multiple times in the ring around unknown dogs…all in the day’s work/fun

photo by Julie Darling…THANKS Julie

Still the Queen

Here she is with her half brother, Kidd. Again thanks to Julie Darling!

After this, we went to work setting up the show.



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  1. Congratulations on the major!!


  2. dorannadurgin

    Wowza! Congratulations! What fun!

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