The Calm Before…

I hoped not any storm! in fact last week was amazingly weather neutral, not even too warm until the last day. Okay, there was that day when I tromped through the heavy ‘mist’…okay it was freaking raining!…to take my ‘lukis to their heart tests. But last Monday was pleasant while I scurried around pulling together last minute details. And while I watch the Purina crew transform their messy after the large show building into our national specialty.

getting ready to polish the floor

getting ready to polish the floor

I watched Monday evening as the Agility floor was brought up from a remote location.


By noon on Tuesday we had the ring up, vendor booths up, we were ready for business


I’ll be stepping away from last weeks show for a couple of days. Don’t worry, I’ll recap on Friday. In the meantime I’m having a wonderful writer guest tomorrow, then a bit of book and dog stuff. Hang around, it’s all good!

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