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Homeward Bound…Finally #MFRWAuthor

Finally, after days of questions, answers, problems, solutions and endless Salukis, I packed up the dogs and the motor home, heading south and west to New Mexico. Impossibly late on Saturday, stopping a few hours away from Purina for a night’s rest, then on home. No matter how I calculated the hours and miles, I had a rough trip ahead but I really really wanted my own bed that night.

Ah, the adventures. I managed to make it to Amarillo, feeling like I’d been in an elephant stampede. And realized the only way to make it home safely was to slow down. Drive a couple hours, get gas. A couple more hours, walk dogs. I always plan to travel this way but the urge to GET THERE always takes over.

West from Amarillo. I’ve noticed the fields, normally dry, are under water. Even the Panhandle has been getting excess rain

Kind of like this

Kind of like this

. Looking off to the north, I see what seems to be smoke, close to the ground. Hmmmm, what could that be? Seems too wet for any kind of prairie fire. Looks like it’s moving pretty fast though. Looks like a LOT of wind. Looks like….crap. Oops.

I speed up to stay with the big rigs, knowing they have far more experience driving in weather. Got hit with some wind but got ahead of it. PHEW

I love New Mexico

I love New Mexico

Not far now to New Mexico. About 8 miles outside the border, the land changes from Texas to New Mexico. It’s about the land, the plants, and just the feeling of home. Not to mention the sky, clearing, and welcoming me home.

I get to Santa Rosa, only 85 miles from home, and the sunset greets me. IMG_5285How gorgeous. So close, I can almost taste it. Just cruisin’ now, wide awake, down the hill into Moriarty. And those light ahead of me are coming up awful fast.

Yep, a tiny car going you have GOT TO BE KIDDING 45 mph on a 75 mph road. Good brakes are worth their weight in gold.

Finally, finally home. Let the hounds out, stretch, breathe the dry air. Unload the essentials, especially the camera. Because the moon and the clouds are sending my final welcome. Home at last, the adventure over. Until the next time.



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