Making it to the Barbecue #MFRWAuthor

Just need a little more sleep

Just need a little more sleep

Have you ever gotten to the point of just too darned tired to worry?

I’m like that at the end of a long day driving. I still have enough energy to drive safely or at least I think I do. Until a patrol car comes alongside me with an angry officer gesturing for me to PULL OVER.

The original plan was for me to drive 7-8 hours on Thursday, the same on Friday, and arrive at Purina in plenty of time for the all breed shows. For my non doggy readers, shows can be for one breed of dogs, a few related breeds of dogs, or all breeds…at least those breeds recognized by the governing body, in this case the American Kennel Club (AKC). On a whim, and at the last possible second, I had entered the Saturday and Sunday all breed shows for my own pleasure before I had to start work on the National.

I woke Saturday morning fairly refreshed if somewhat mosquito marked, and at least ten hours from my destination. Arriving at Purina before ring time at one PM was out of the question. My new goal was reaching Gray Summit before 8PM, so I could at least join in on the barbecue.

Just enough rain fell to keep the ‘lukis comfortable. They’ve been on enough long trips to know to take it easy until I start the round of walks. It would be nice to think they could be walked in sets of two. Unfortunately Fire Dragon and Moochie don’t much care for each other…and Boo decided coming into heat would just make the trip that much more fun. I got in a lot of walking.

Just Hanging out

good company

Why, you wonder, did I bring four dogs when I was only showing two, plus it meant more work for me? The Saluki Club had arranged for a cardiologist to do dopplers…echoes of the hearts, as part of an ongoing study, as well as at a great price. Health testing is extremely important to responsible breeders.

We rolled along, making good time and within ten miles of the exit, when someone pulled up alongside me. That patrol car, with what seemed to be an angry person gesturing me over. What could I possibly have been doing? I pulled over as far as I could, reaching for the paperwork.

As far as I could wasn’t much, especially when the person coming alongside the motor home was, well…large. And I’m sure he didn’t mean to be funny. At least I didn’t say what I was thinking.

“You know I’ve been trying to pull you over for five miles? Can’t you see behind you?”

‘Of course, I always try to avoid being pulled over’ I think, but I say “No sir I did not know that,” while looking at all my mirrors and out the back window…demonstrating that I can see behind me.

“You’re not drunk are you? Or have mechanical problems?”

Of course I would tell him if I was drunk, it’s my civic duty.

“You know you’ve been wandering all over the road and you keep driving on the side bumps?”

“I like the sound they make.” Fortunately I don’t think he heard me.

He’s holding my driver’s license, and asks “Where are you from Ms Stoner?”

Is this a test? You’re holding my license, what does it say? “New Mexico.”

“Have you ever been arrested?”

Would I really tell him if I had been? Maybe reveal the high speed chases? “No Sir.”  I realize he was trying to evaluate my fitness to drive, which was for my own good. But at this point my sense of the absurd was starting to leak out. For pity’s sake, I’m in Eileen Dreyer country. At any moment I expect to see Cooter One and his sons Cooter Two, Three and Four come ambling out of the entirely too thick brush along the side of the road.

After a bit more pondering, not to mention a way too close encounter with a semi, he hands back my license with an admonition to be more careful.

Nice man, and I appreciate his caring. It’s not his fault at the best of times my mind wanders into strange and dangerous places.  It keeps me entertained on long drives. One of these days I’ll get that radio fixed.

Not long after comes the reward for the trip: good friends, good food, huge hugs. Soon we’re pulled in, plugged in, and asleep, getting ready for the next day’s big adventure.

Overhead in the motor home...snuggly small

Overhead in the motor home…cozy!



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2 responses to “Making it to the Barbecue #MFRWAuthor

  1. livrancourt

    Once I got pulled over for speeding, and when the cop asked if I knew how fast I was going, my friend helpfully said, “Oh no, Officer. We were listening to Aretha Franklin.”
    In fact, he gave me the ticket.
    Hope you had fun with the pups!


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