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Let’s Raise Each Other UP #MFRWAuthor

I’ve seen this song referred to as a “Christian” song, and it certainly gives that impression. In fact I’m fairly sure it was written in that vein. I’ve always thought of it as a tribute to people helping people.

Perhaps some people help people to make themselves feel better. So what? Doesn’t that make everyone a winner..and don’t we all love winning?

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Charcoal


I started using a FitBit recently. Many friends have been using it for over a year, with wonderful, life-saving results. I tried a few knock offs,that only worked a short amount of time, then finally bit the bullet and got an ‘entry level’ version I can clip on anything. (I’ve been known to use my bra strap) and keep track of my activity…or lack thereof. I’ve picked up a few active Fitbit users as on line partners…we can watch each others progress, send words of encouragement, and keep on stepping.

When I receive the pictures from last Saturday, I can tell you about my first BIG day tracking steps. In the meantime, I was following a discussion about step tracking. Someone mentioned they had hit a credible number of steps. Immediately following was a comment: “that’s fine but it’s not aerobic,” as if to say ‘so what, it’s not going to do you that much good.’

Yeah, way to raise us up! I know from experience, it can only take one or two statements like that to stop someone cold. Yes, that’s oversensitive. But it’s also very human. If instead that commenter had said: “Good for you. Once you’re into that great walking routine are you going to add some kind of aerobics or weight work?”

Same concept, different phrasing.

Which one works better for you?


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It’s Sunday…Emotional, Moody…Memories #MFRWAuthor

A to Z Challenges wants a blog about my experiences last month. I gained great insights into myself and what I have to share.

I have a fun blog planned for the first Fitbit day I hit 10,000+ steps…another great accomplishment.

But…it’s Sunday. A day to share memories and emotions. For starters, a singer Tom and I enjoyed…one of several story teller singers who eased our minds and inspired our creativity

Gordon Lightfoot

And this one…heartfelt discussion between a wanderer and a home body. How many of you have been one of these people?

And if we didn’t live it, by glory we write it. “California life alone is just too hard to live.” Oh, yes, it is. And not just in California

We’re expecting a couple days of rain. Magical words to we in the in High Plains



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A Bit of Good News…People Making a Difference

This is not a post about Spring and happy times. Yet it is. Nearly 300 women and children have been returned from Boka Haram. Mentally traumatized, physically debilitated they are not well. But they are back, and now they have a chance to recover. The story is not over. Families were torn apart and are not yet reunited. But it is a start.

THE STORY IS HERE, at least as much as has happened so far. There is still so much that needs to be done.

In contrast, HERE IS A STORY of a woman who saw a problem with the Sudan, and has developed assistance for the orphans there, and for the problem of human trafficking. This woman has been attacked, and survived to make a difference. Her goal is to help raise a generation of peace makers.

After the stories of hopelessness, of harm directed at others, of people choosing to go forth and cause trouble, or stay home and drink imported water, these stories are a ray of light.

005What have you heard today to give you faith in people?


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Sarah Silverman…What DO we Deserve? #MFRWAuthor

What we deserve…I came across this clip last month.


Since I was working my way through the alphabet, I put this aside, to revisit once I was done. Today being May 1, done with the fun of A to Z, I revisited, and discovered all was not the way it seemed. The owner of that comedy club refuted her claims:

Hmmm, this brings up questions, doesn’t it? Seems Sarah did clarify what she said, and apologized for naming names. I thought I had found that clip, since that was the title of this You Tube which I realized later was from someone called Mark Dice.

I find this the worst sort of ‘journalism’ although calling this journalism insults that profession. The voice alone is enough to send me away, but the poor balance of the report amazes me. Not only does Mr Dice attack the specific Comedy Club story, he also attacks Silverman’s political and personal beliefs, as well as the reaction of her audience. Plus he slides in snide comments about her life.

I know, a lot of people will disagree with me. Maybe they don’t like Sarah Silverman’s form of comedy. Actually I don’t much like it either. That does not take away from her strong beliefs concerning feminism. Ad hominem attacks reduce the validity of any reasoned argument. But Mr Dice’s presentation was anything but reasoned.

We all deserve equal pay for equal work, no matter race, gender, personal preferences. I learned long ago that all too often life WAS made for beauty queens, and I had to just suck it up if I wanted that nice office job. I also got and retained jobs on my own merit. But I think we also all need to approach the issue with a bit more respect than the screaming journalism style.

Don’t you?

Remember when I said there would be a bit of self promotion? Here it is: A Question of Honor showed up for pre-order last night, from FROM AMAZON . Happy days!

Release date 5/9/2015

Release date 5/9/2015


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