We Don’t Always Have to do it Ourselves #MFRWAuthor

Who remembers this Anacin commercial from the early 1960’s? Even before that, I would insist on ‘doing it myself’ whether I had a headache or not. Also whether or not it might have been better to let someone else do it. Used to drive my poor husband nuts. I had to learn to do it myself after he fell ill and eventually succumbed to pancreatic cancer.

I had the standard hauling water, dog care, shopping. Hauling water   Plus care for our five acres of mostly level land. Not planted in anything that needed tending, fortunately. Since I’m not fond of mowing and prefer the wild meadow look to any sort of lawn, that particular chore went by the wayside. Since the aquafier had chosen to relocate, and the well was quite dry, water needed to be hauled once a week.

It’s not a horribly difficult chore though the tires do tend to lose air over time. And I’m not always successful with the gas station air pumps. In fact I have blown out a tire some time in the past. Even so I managed to get the trailer home and turned around, and changed that tire once the water was pumped out. Easy peasy.


the fender after straightening

030Not so much this time. This time that tire tread blew high, wide, and handsome, winding around the tire and crumpling the trailer fender. Backing and turning became nigh on impossible. It was raining…again…and the driveway was turning into a mud pit.

Enter my neighbor’s brother. “Hey, Monica, let us take care of that. don’t stress yourself.”

Up pops that commercial. But you know what? To heck with I’d rather do it myself. I got out of the truck, handed over the keys and stepped back. He backed the truck up enough to pump out as much water as possible, so we could detach truck from trailer and all retreat out of the rain to our respective houses.

The next day I found my spare tire, and consented to let them change tires even though I’ve done so in the past (by myself!). We agreed to get together when we were all back from shopping. Except I returned to find the trailer tire replaced, fender straight, and the trailer pushed out of the road into the yard.

How cool was that?

Maybe I don’t have to always do it myself

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  1. dorannadurgin

    What great neighbors! Just maybe you don’t!

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