Chuck Wendig and … Popeye #MFRWAuthor

Yes, I really can tie these together! I’ll start with one of Chuck’s trademark Tell it like it is blogs. Wherein he not only tells it like it his but also tells it the way he darned well pleases. If you read Chuck before you know what I mean. If this is a firstie for you I strongly recommend putting down your drink and/or covering your keyboard.

THIS IS CHUCK’S BLOG revealing what we all sort of knew. None of us really know what we’re doing! Even more not many in a position to know better really know what’s going on! We hear this or that genre or sub genre is dead…until someone publishes that very genre to tremendous success.

Remember when Westerns were passe? Or when ‘no one’ would ever want to read, or watch “whatever” again? Yet along comes something catching our attention and we’re off to the races again.

Chuck points out none of us know what we’re doing. Not really. We’re just all kind of (or totally) faking it. But remember that wonderful TED talk where we were advised to ‘fake it until we become it?’ I’ve brought it up several times but I don’t think we can watch it too often. And by the way an author dog trainer friend (AMAZING IN BOTH AREAS!) just reminded me again, when she came across the advice in this talk. .

Let’s all just take a second to stand up, reach up and be what we were meant to be.

Oh, Popeye? I’ve thought about this segment so often during this discussion. It’s from 1935 and no I was not around then! But the irony is not lost on any of us

NO ONE really knows what the heck they are doing, we’re all just faking it. But we’re having a heck of a good time in the meantime! (It’s raining in our drought area…I can’t take much of anything too seriously!)


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  1. Thank you for that shout-out–gave me such a grin! And yeah, still working on faking it. But this is such an *easy* way to do that–and see results, too!


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