Really? You Just Had To? #MFRWAuthor

A brilliant person…or maybe I should say ANOTHER brilliant person…faces end of days because she could not differentiate from NEED and WANT.

Reminding me of this song, which took a while to find but it was worth the search:

If you let You Tube cycle you’ll hear another version, more live action. And it won’t hurt to have that message in your face one more time.

I digress. But, REALLY folks? You think you just NEED that drink, that hit, that temporary nulling of reality? To hell with the people you hurt in the mean time? Your family, your friends. Your opportunity to continue research, or theories, or beliefs. Just so you can gain a temporary wall between you and reality.

Sorry. I was going to talk about monsoons and share great pictures and be upbeat.

But I just can not deal with the waste.

It’s a sad, sad time today. Okay, I’ll share a New Mexico sky


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  1. I hope all is well with you and your doggies


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