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Beauty Wherever We Look #MFRWAuthor

AKA why I run late more often than I like. Running late is rude and counterproductive since it makes everyone involved uncomfortable and can upset the tenor of the day. This problem dogged me throughout my working career. Although I manage to make my flights and most other deadlines, it’s often only due to dogged determination. When I am on time (or early!) I realize how much less stressful my day continues.007

My life is not as deadline oriented as I once was. Which is fortunate when I see thisĀ  outside my back door. The morning light casting shadows across the yard brings beauty and peace to my soul.

Not a day later, the morning brought another dash of beauty, a reward for the hope we all have when planting something unique. especially in a difficult 005gardening area.

It’s called a Hardy Hibiscus, and has a more formal name to define the shape of those lovely flowers. Hardy is the perfect name for this beauty since it has survived intermittent care, high winds, deep snow, freezing temperatures and other difficult to deal with issues to produce the first flower. With many more to come. 011.JPG

Check this out:

Yes, lots more blooms to come. I think I’ll use this as a metaphor for my writing, and my life. LOTS more beauty to share. LOTS more books to come. 007


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