Cover Reveal…A Question of Faith #MFRWAuthor

As promised: front cover final

Isn’t it sooo pretty? We decided to follow the set up of A Question of Honor,  showing a profile of the couple, a horse, a New Mexico sky for the background. Rosalind is a softer heroine than Sydney was, and this sky is just a bit softer as well.

The blurb:

*** Rosalind Summerton led a charmed existence, right up to the day she accepted an invitation to visit a family in the Middle East, and learn more about the culture up close and personal. It became far too up close and she barely escaped with her life. She no longer has faith in herself as a survivor, and she needs to stay somewhere that she can see miles in every direction. Cold would be nice.

Tyler Randolph has lost faith in himself and his judgement of people, especially women, after his wife left along with his truck, trailer, and horse. He’s wondering why he’s bothering. Until he meets his new tenant: Tall, sexy, intriguing…and scared.

Can these two cautious people have enough faith to try one more time? ***

I had a great time with these two complex people, and made Ty work extra hard for his HEA

Release day October 1.


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2 responses to “Cover Reveal…A Question of Faith #MFRWAuthor

  1. Linda

    Great cover, very pretty. I realized I hadn’t finished the first one so was reading last night …gotta be ready when this one comes out.

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