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Gratitude…Why the Heck Not? #MFRWAuthor

I came across an essay on how being grateful…being happy for something every day…can have a profound influence on our lives. And I thought…huh. Okay. And, why not try? I know I have felt better on the days I wake up counting blessings instead of failures. And I remember a song…what a shock!


Okay, it looks kinda creepy! But the lyrics? Epic. Or maybe I’m just exposing my musical roots? Anyway, I went searching for the science of gratitude, or more to the point the science of happy. And found this: Science Behind Gratitude Because, yes, we DO have the right to be happy and we DO need to feel grateful for something every day.

Is life perfect? Heck, no. Could it be worse? Well, yeah. But my ground is damp every morning right now, my friends think about me, my family is healthy and happy.

Life is good. Just ask my mugwump 032


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