It Really is TOO HOT #MFRWAuthor

Overall, weather in my part of New Mexico is acceptable to fabulous. Generally we might have a week of too hot. No better way to say this than with music. But which one is better? I’ll let you decide:

There’s this one…

OMG the energy…that’s enough to exhaust me, just watching. I had to watch that footwork over and over.

And this one, from a revival of Kiss Me Kate…the first clip I found was from the Tony awards. This one is longer and even more exhausting!

I can’t choose, but I know for sure it’s too hot to do much but watch right now. I’m off to coach conformation handling in a while, but the facility is air conditioned. Phew! When I get back I’ll be working on A Question of Trust. Somehow I decided my hero was going to be kidnapped dropped in the desert. I wonder where that idea came from?


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2 responses to “It Really is TOO HOT #MFRWAuthor

  1. If only there were clips from the original production of Kiss Me Kate! NO ONE was ever hotter than Alfred Drake. (Did manage to see him twice in Kismet – and that really dates me….)



  2. You’re a devil. That’s where your idea came from. Hot here too in New York. Trying to survive an awful FALL from a few months ago-seven weeks in a rehab hospital and I’m far from well.


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