We’ve Got to Be Taught #MFRWAuthor


I remember this song from the first time I saw South Pacific. My memory brings up the singer as a woman. My search kept bringing up male singers. Such as this, from Broadway:

Then I found this poignant rendition, by Mandy Patinkin, and I was…charmed? Yes, charmed, through my tears. My earlier memories led me to believe understanding the origins of prejudice would eliminate it. How naive I was.

Is prejudice taught? Is it ingrained in all of us? We who study family lines, either human or animal, know there is a balance between nature (inheritance) and nurture (environment). A delicate balance, all too easily tipped. What tips the balance? What combination of fear and anger and some other nebulous excuse causes such violent outbreaks?

I don’t know, all I can do is ignore any feelings of prejudice, and try hard to be kind.


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3 responses to “We’ve Got to Be Taught #MFRWAuthor

  1. Kindness counts-in a big way. Keep smiling-forget your sorrow and just be happy.

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  2. I’ve always been struck by how children ostensibly carry no prejudice. They play together without concern for differences, hugging, holding hands, embracing their friendship rather than running from their dissimilarities. It is a shame that adults are not as accepting. But you are right—be kind. Kindness is the one thing we all have to offer.


    • I have raised dogs for–oh dear–more than forty years. Dogs mature so much faster than people and offer such valuable life lessons. In particular, I need to be sure to expose them to different situations and different breeds EARLY and OFTEN so I don’t have bigoted dogs later. Yes, it can happen!


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