Daily Archives: July 17, 2016

It Really is TOO HOT #MFRWAuthor

Overall, weather in my part of New Mexico is acceptable to fabulous. Generally we might have a week of too hot. No better way to say this than with music. But which one is better? I’ll let you decide:

There’s this one…

OMG the energy…that’s enough to exhaust me, just watching. I had to watch that footwork over and over.

And this one, from a revival of Kiss Me Kate…the first clip I found was from the Tony awards. This one is longer and even more exhausting!

I can’t choose, but I know for sure it’s too hot to do much but watch right now. I’m off to coach conformation handling in a while, but the facility is air conditioned. Phew! When I get back I’ll be working on A Question of Trust. Somehow I decided my hero was going to be kidnapped dropped in the desert. I wonder where that idea came from?


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