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In that Good Ol’ Summertime #MFRWAuthor

Seasons follow each other in an imperfect flow. Winter’s freezing, Spring’s fresh awakenings, Summer. Oh yes, Summertime, and here is my favorite song for the season

What could be more appropriate, more moody, and more in keeping with the slow, heated beat of the summer. Here in New Mexico we can have such a HOT summer and the humidity can get up to (WOW) fifty percent. Okay, during monsoon even higher but that’s bad enough don’t you think?

Growing seasons are so different here from Southern California, where you could push a 029stick into the ground and, like Jack’s beanstalks, produce a massive bush with little effort. Instead we choose, we nurture, we water and fuss and hope. And if we are successful, if we manage to defeat drought and grasshoppers and wind, we have a garden.

At least for a few brief months. I’m experimenting with earth boxes for my zucchini and hoping for the best. These should help with the hot dry days.

Summer means leisure and lazy, unless you have somewhere vital to be in the middle of the day. We can take the wiser approach of staying in with fans blowing during the day.

The payoff is, of course, spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Such as this one


For such a sight, I can deal with gardening difficulties!

In approximately sixty sunsets, A Question of Faith, the next Stormhaven Love Story, will release for your reading pleasure. And if I can work through the hot days, A Question of Trust will follow close behind. Faith is Ty’s story, and he’s matched with the perfect partner. I’ll be sharing bits with you soon.

Also I think it would be fun to share authors you might not meet otherwise. What do you think?



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