Take a Dip into Summer…Camp

MFRW (Marketing For Romance Writers) is organizing a Summer Camp  in July. What a great time to kick back and learn, learn, learn about promoting the books we’ve worked on since Winter. Some of us are sharing recipes in advance, so we can all be noshing on the same goodies while meeting on line. Naturally I volunteered since I enjoy sharing recipes almost as much as sharing information.

Bet you thought I’d be bringing out a new low carb recipe.  Instead I’m sharing one of my favorite party dips.  I’ll be

The finished dip will look something like this

The finished dip will look something like this

taking this to Lompoc later in July, where Saluki people gather to show dogs, meet old friends, and in general escape from the summer heat. This is the original recipe, with a few suggested variations

Terry’s Chorizo Dip

1# ground beef
½# Chorizo (a rich sausage, either beef or pork)
1 Can (12 oz) Chili, no beans. I’ve used Wolf brand…look for one without textured vegetable protein
1# Velveeta, cubed Yep, Velveeta
1 Medium Onion, chopped
1 Bell Pepper, chopped (actually I’ve never added the Bell Pepper, though next time through I might, or might add roasted chopped Green Chile)

Brown the Onion, add the Bell Pepper, then the Ground Beef and Chorizo, breaking down the lumps. Drain off the grease.
At this point I go to the slow cooker, if you’re in a hurry you can do it stove top. Pour the drained mix into the cooker along with the Velveeta and Chili. Let it all melt together. Enjoy with the chip of your choice, I’ve seen some people eat as a thick soup. Really.

Possible additions or changes:
You can do the browned part ahead of time, and finish it up later. The recipe does keep well for a couple days in the refrigerator, if you have any left.
I started using Ground Turkey a while back, the flavor is marginally lighter and it’s less greasy. We have a fabulous local restaurant, Los Quatos, with a spicy cooked salsa…I’ve been known to add a half jar or so. Let your imagination run wild.

NOTE: I looked at this recipe for a long time. I know how delicious it is, but I also know it’s contrary to much of what I’ve come to believe about food these last couple years. Velveeta is tasty but processed, and it’s so difficult to find

decent canned chili. Soooo…yesterday I started to look up alternatives. Step one was making my own chili, with fresh ingredients. Then there was the big stumbling block, the extremely processed Velveeta, which is after all a cheese food

Making the chili base, which was yummy on its own

Making the chili base, which was yummy on its own

Fortunately I’m not the only one who likes that creamy yumminess but worries about the ingredients. Sure enough I found a recipe for home made Velveeta.  Looks like I have some recipe challenges ahead of me, yes of course I’ll be sharing.

Hmmm, looks like I can even make my own chorizo sausage. Hmmmmm

As exciting as these plans are, they take a back seat to creating new worlds, but there are parallels. Originally the story of Gabriel (Mykhael’s brother from My Killer My Love)was a novella about a gorgeous hunk of an arrogant Atrahasis, who needs to learn humility and in

My Killer My Love

My Killer My Love

the process meets his future, a woman with her own ideas about life. But, what if…what if instead of using the gorgeous hero/sexy-woman-who-doesn’t-know-she’s-gorgeous heroine, I took away some of that exterior, and made Gabriel in particular more ordinary in appearance though he starts out with the innate arrogance of someone who has grown up beautiful, and also remove his ability to enhance his attraction. Maybe make him less…processed…and more real?

I might be on to something here. Anyone else want to see an experienced seducer fall flat on his well toned rear?

Right now, while we’re all thinking about it, block out July 12-14 for MFRW Summer Camp. You’ll have a blast, and you won’t have to use sun block or bug spray!


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3 responses to “Take a Dip into Summer…Camp

  1. Sounds good, Mon. Way to go (re book). And do share the Velveeta thingy. I don’t THINK we have that here – but I avoid processed, always have.


  2. Great recipe I’m going to have to try that 🙂 About the hero, personally I love a real guy. A sexy Adonis is great but it’s a ‘real’ guy that really makes my heart pitter patter. 🙂


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