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Meet Kendra…and Get Ready for Summer Camp

I’ve mentioned MFRW once or twice (okay, obsessively) Marketing For Romance Writers helps educate and promote authors, while encouraging them to do the same for each other.  Information is shared through a discussion group plus a forum with  Coffee Time Romance ,  and they’ll be repeating the amazing Summer Camp July 14-15. Two days of non stop learning and sharing, filling your head with knowledge and answering so many questions about what to do after the book is finished. Which actually means before the book is finished since we need to be setting up our marketing plans from the beginning.  And MFRW is there to help. Block off July 14-15, stock up on easy to fix meals. Pack your virtual bags, sew name tags into your clothes and be sure to have a supply of your elixir of choice so you won’t miss a thing.

What’s this about meeting Kendra, from My Killer My Love? Kayelle Allen, founder and driving force behind MFRW, offered Kendra an interview on  Romance Lives Forever Naturally Mykhael showed up since he doesn’t like to be too far away from Kendra for too long. Being Mykhael, he sort of took over, but I think you’ll enjoy learning more about these very special people.  Meet Kendra Weiss

If you’ve been missing the recipes, don’t worry, I’ve been working on some new low carb yummies. And on May 31 I’ll be sharing something from my wicked eating days, guaranteed to make you the hit of any summer get together.

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