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Are we the 5%?

Here I am dithering away trying to get myself back into the writing groove after a couple of intense weeks, in both my

Showing Kerovan

Showing Kerovan

writing world and my “dog” world. Neither of which brought me huge immediate success, so it’s not like I can point to euphoria as a reason not to be writing up a storm.  It’s not like I didn’t have a slew of great ideas and it’s not like I don’t think I can put those ideas on paper.  Sometimes I thought so hard about what I was intending to write, I thought I’d already written many words of deathless prose.  Yeah, not so much. And along comes Kristen Lamb with another Suck it Up, Buttercup post and danged if I didn’t give myself a Gibbs slap and get back to work.

What Are the Odds of Success? …Really?.

Kristen explains the true odds.  It’s not me against the world of those who want to be published writers. Not even me against those who are more or less actively seeking publication.  It’s me (or you, or your Aunt Harriet) against those assumptions or fears we’re hauling along with us every time we sit down to write. Or every time we finish a story and immediately think it’s not worth editing. Even worse when we try to compare our writing to anyone else’s.  Because the reader is the final judge and there’s no telling what’s going to appeal to readers.

As long as I can keep offering them the best stories  I can write, then I’m stacking that deck in my favor.  And I can state I am the 5% of the 5% of the 5%…coming down to that small, intense group of writers who intend to become published and stay published. As Kristen says many times  WE ARE NOT ALONE. We’re in this struggle together, and we’re winning.  Yes, we are.


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