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Pick Your Fill…there’s lots more where that came from

We’re into Day Two of the Book Lover’s Buffet , where you can fill up on goodies to your heart’s content, and never worry about carbs or calories.  Dream time, don’t you think? The link will take you to their phenomenal website, where books are grouped into sub genres.  What an amazing job these wonderful people did organizing this blowout.  Just in time to load up e-books for Mother’s Day, or heck fill your own for a Summer of fabulous reading.

We have supporting blogs telling you more about the available books and at the same time offering an opportunity for writers to share blurbs and information about their books. Kara Ashley has been exceptionally generous, offering several locations to promote Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Horror or any other book on the buffet table

I’ve invited the other participants to add information on their books to this post.  Some jumped in yesterday (THANKS!!) and I’m hoping more will come along today.  You have until tomorrow midnight to shop till your fingers drop.  And the weekend to read, read, read.

I’m spending my weekend getting in closer touch with Gabriel so you’ll have his story to read after My Killer My Love

And if you happen to read about Bethany, Jonathan, and Baron the goofy Irish Setter in Teach Me To Forget you might be happy to know Paul’s been bugging me to tell his story.  All these great people populating my life!

Happy Reading


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