Ramblings for the End of the Week

I’m sharing Kristen Lamb’s blog here, for a really quick Friday message:

Friday Fun, Change and Writers Behaving Badly.

Okay, fellow writers, if you’re not already signed up to Kristen Lamb’s blog you really need to get yourself there.  She has seriously helped me become a better writer.  And has also helped with the OMG what do I do NOW part of getting my book out there in front of the reading public without losing what little is left of my sanity.

Recipe teaser: Last night I experimented with a peanut butter low carb fudge.  I’m thinking it’s an even better reason to go low carb than bacon and that’s saying a lot for me.  And I’m wondering about a “ribbon” fudge with layers of peanut butter and chocolate.   Mmmmmmm

Recently I took a “logline” workshop.  Loglines are those one sentence descriptions of your work.  One of the most famous is “In space, no one can hear you scream.” I think we all know that movie!  Lynn Crain has a wonderful logline blog, and she’s showcasing what I came up with for My Killer My Love. Stop in and leave a comment, she’s promised prizes! Lynn Crain’s logline blog

That’s it for this second, I might be back this weekend depending on what happens.  Getting ready for NaNo, are you coming along for that ride?

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